Rhythmic notes and their importance for drumming

There has been many instances when drummers simply don't give a care in the world about sight reading, many still believe is just applicable for the melodic and harmonic instruments, but they just simply forget about the most important factor that is......prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (drum rolls) Bang!!!!!!!!! yes you have guessed it correctly = Rhythm!

Rhythm is a set of notes placed around a beat; what we call it tempo. If we think about in a mathematical form, the tempo delimits every space there is between beats for every time signature, therefore the importance of not missing any of the spaces some people know even exist or simply just to playing around with different note values in a given bar line.

To put it simple: if a beat equals a box, imagine the possibilities we have to put inside those boxes where the fraction (time signature) 4/4 is like having 4 boxes we can put in those boxes from one til 64 item"being the case you are an ultra fast musician to play 64 notes on each beat.

Leaving the boring theory aside, we can say that notes are like have different number of item combinations inside each box where each item is set at a different distance from each other creating what we call it rhythm.

That is the reason why you will always have more options when you have learned all the different note values you have for a specific time signature.